Read Between The Lines
All Things Sugary

Choreographer: Christina Binney

Performed throughout 20018

This was a site specific piece created for the 100 year Centennial in collaboration with the RAF museum in Colindale London. It was created in remembrance of those who fought and lost their lives in both world wars. It was performed on numerous occasions including Armistice day 2018.

Photo Credit: April Brown

Keep Fighting on

Choreographer: Orley Quick 

Performed 25/05/2017

This piece was for a final course show. It was a set improvisation piece using different devising methods. It was created by dance artist Orley Quick, a previous dance teacher at LESCO. 

Photo Credit: Charlotte Levy

Dance Showreel

Choreographer: Pauline Mitchell

Performed 25/05/2017

A solo piece created and performed by Pauline Mitchell. The creative inspiration was through Christopher Bruce's Choreographic devices. 

Photo Credit: Charlotte Levy